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The Kokopelli Trail, spanning 140 miles from Colorado to Moab, Utah, offers an unforgettable bike-packing adventure through diverse terrains and stunning landscapes. Riders can expect technical singletrack, steep climbs, and breathtaking views, as well as encounters with desert flora and fauna. The remote nature of the trail allows for rejuvenation and connection with nature, while several small camping areas provide respite for bikepackers.


The San Juan Huts mountain bike trail system, encompassing either the "Durango to Moab" or "Telluride to Moab" routes, is an unforgettable bikepacking adventure that challenges and rewards riders. Ideal for intermediate to advanced mountain bikers, this unique experience covers diverse terrains and offers cozy hut-to-hut accommodations, making it a must-try adventure for passionate riders seeking the ultimate outdoor experience.


The Raptor Route, a series of interconnected mountain bike trails in Moab, Utah, offers an exciting and diverse riding experience for bikers of varying skill levels. With a combination of sinuous singletrack, slickrock slabs, and challenging technical sections, the trail system provides a breathtaking alternative to the iconic Whole Enchilada route. Utilizing the services of Hazard County Shuttle ensures a smooth and memorable adventure on this must-ride destination.