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Bar M Saloon / Chuck Wagon Lot:

The lot is located 4 miles north of the Arches National Park entrance and 1.5 miles south of the turn-off to Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands National Park.

The Bar-M Saloon / Chuck Wagon parking area is a small lot at point one (.1) mile off Highway 191. It's on the right-hand side of the road across from the old Bar-M Saloon buildings. Do not wait in the large Moab Brands / Bar-M Parking lot with the bathrooms, or you will miss the shuttle.

For those of you who prefer to ride the Mag-7 trail and keep it on a more intermediate-level exit, Gemini Bridges Road and proceed on the paved bike path to the tunnel under HWY 191. Exit the bike path and return to the Bar M Saloon parking area.

This allows riders to bypass the steep technical climb and double black diamond traverse across Goldbar Rim and the infamous Portal Trail descent. It also provides quick, easy access to your vehicle once your ride is complete and eliminates the additional 8.5-10 miles (13.6- 16 km) pedal back to town.

You can log additional miles on the Moab Brands/Bar-M singletracks if your legs are still fresh. The area is quite user-friendly and has trail maps at each trail. There are bathrooms and a bike stand with tools adjacent to the Kiosk.

If you are riding the Mag-7, park your car here.

Please be ready to board the shuttle 15 minutes prior to departure time.


Make sure you park in the lot with the Red pin


Bar M, Circle O, Rockin A, Bar B

The "Brand Trails" are a network of trails located a few miles north of Moab. The trail names are based on cattle brands and spell out M-O-A-B. The easy Bar M trail forms a loop from which the other trails can be reached. Bar-M, Rusty Spur, and Lazy-EZ are suitable for pure beginners. The others require reasonable shifting skills, bike handling skills, bike handling ability, and leg power. For experts, there's Deadman's Ridge, Longbranch, and the Killer "B" descent off the Bar B loop.

A perfect area for beginners and those new to desert singletrack, this fun and scenic area also makes an excellent warm-up for riders of any level.

Trails We Shuttle:

We shuttle the following trail from this departure location.

Bar-M Chuckwagon Sign

Bar-M Chuckwagon Sign

Bar-M Chuckwagon Parking Area

Bar-M Chuckwagon Parking Area

Parking Lot

Parking Lot

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