Cataract Canyon

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Cataract Canyon:

Cataract Canyon begins at the “Confluence” where the Green and Colorado Rivers meet just south of Moab Utah. As the two rivers conjoin the velocity doubles chiseling a deep-seated 100-mile-long corridor through the heart of Canyonlands National Park. Floating Cataract Canyon is roughly 95 river miles depending on where you put in. You will experience flat water sections along with a 14-mile stretch containing 29 rapids ranging from Class III-V. Floating this section of the river is particularly hazardous and isolated. During high water generally found in the spring months, these rapids are some of the largest and most challenging in the U.S. Linked in a series of quick succession the rapids rival those of the Grand Canyon. From camp, there are many wonderful hiking opportunities in Utah’s canyon country amongst the multi-million-year-old geologic formations.

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