About Hazard County Shuttle


Ride Beautiful Moab, Utah

There is a new shuttle in town. We are Hazard County Shuttle.

With a unique concept that allows you to ride when you want and eliminates the pedal back to town.

Hazard County Shuttle is Moab's first shuttle company to implement pre-ride trailhead pickups with flexible booking times to best suit your vacation schedule.

Simply put we operate in a true shuttle fashion departing from the bottom of the trailheads and dropping you at the top for point to point trails. This affords you the convenience while providing fast easy access to your vehicle at the end of your ride. Translation, immediate food, water, and shelter once your ride is complete while eliminating the 6-11 mile road pedal back to Moab. If you rented a bike in town, this is a great option, ensuring that you return it on time, and avoid additional costly rental charges.

There are numerous reasons why people don't or can't ride back to town after an epic day of riding in Moab. Whether it's a mechanical, lack of food or water, encroaching weather, injury, or pure exhaustion, we've got you covered.

Additionally, Hazard County Shuttle also offers:

Give us a call and experience the difference 435-210-8082.