This pickup option allows you to ride Mag-7, the famous Gold Bar Rim trail but bypass the infamous Portal trail. You will exit and finish your ride at the Poison Spider Trailhead parking lot. The parking lot is located 6 miles from the junction of U.S. Highway 191 and Utah Highway 279 / Potash Road.

Parking your car here alleviates riding an additional 8-11 miles (13-17 km) back to town. Also, allowing you to have easy immediate access to your vehicle which means food, water, shelter, and safety as soon as you’re off the trail. Riding Mag-7 is a long enough ride in itself! No one wants to pedal in a headwind back to town.

Moab has over 3 million people visiting annually. Our once quiet roads have become inundated with vehicles. With the advent of smart phones drivers are more distracted than ever. Additionally, narrow shoulders coupled with semi-trucks, and large RV’s are not a good mix for cyclists.

Don’t take a chance. Our Shuttle service is designed to keep you safe and off the busy roads. Hazard County Shuttle saves you time, money, energy, and provides peace of mind. Our goal is to keep you safe riding all day everyday.

If you are riding the MAG-7, park your car here. Please be ready to board the shuttle 15 minutes prior to departure.


(435) 210-8082


$25 Per Rider / One Bike


20.5 MILES  /  2,050′ ELEVATION GAIN  /  -2% AVE  /  42% MAX

Trail & Riding info for MAG-7

Poison Spider Trail, Dinosaur Track, Road Sign Moab Utah
Poison Spider Parking Lot

You will know your in the right spot when you see this sign! Welcome to the Poison Spider Trailhead Parking Lot, Moab Utah.

Poison Spider Trail Parking Lot Outhouse Moab Utah
Poison Spider Trail Parking Lot

When nature calls, there is a pit toilet here so you can take care of business!

Poison Spider Parking Lot Bureau of Land Management Moab Field Office Sign Moab Utah
Poison Spider Trail

Be sure to leave extra food, water, and a dry warm layer inside your vehicle.

Poison Spider Trail Description

This is one of the most popular trails in Moab and is often combined with Golden Spike and Gold Bar Rim. Poison Spider Mesa is a fun-filled combination of challenging obstacles and incredible scenery. Don’t miss impressive Little Arch near cliff edge overlooking Moab. Drive with caution and be courteous to bikers at all times. Open all year weather permitting. Best time to go: Spring and Fall. Located on BLM land. For current status call Bureau of Land Management, Moab Field Office at (435) 259-2100.

Please note that this is a difficult route, there are huge awkward ledges and many tippy spots. For modified vehicles with very high ground clearance, lockers, large tires and good articulation. Route-finding on loop portion of trail is very challenging. Follow track and painted Jeep symbols.

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