Five Days Riding Really Hard Trails

in Moab, Utah

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Five Days Riding Really Hard Trails:

December 15th, 2021

Moab, Utah is mecca for mountain bikers. Here you will find some of the most beautiful, and some of the most difficult trails around. Watch Paul the Punter as he spends 5 days traversing the REALLY hard trails of Moab.

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Five Days Riding Really Hard Trails

Spending 5 Days Riding REALLY Hard Trails In Moab!

With Winter fully descended upon Canada, I have come to Moab in Utah to ride my bike. Over the next 5 days I rode the technical Captain Ahab, took on Slickrock on my Ebike, Scared myself on the Gnarly Portal, and then finished things off with 2 more double black trails. And this is what you’re going to see in this video.

Paul The Punter

This channel is all about progression on a mountain bike. For years I have always just constantly been afraid of doing things on my bike, filming myself riding makes me accountable for chickening out on jumps, gnarly features - and it lives on the internet forever! So join me in this story of just getting better on a mountain bike. Cheers Punters!

Hazard County Shuttle
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Hazard County Shuttle is the only shuttle company in Moab that offers mountain bike trailhead departures for Mag-7, Porcupine Rim Classic, Raptor Route, and the Whole Enchilada Lower Section.

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