Slithering Down Sidewinder

Moab Brands/Bar-M, Moab, Utah

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Slithering Down Sidewinder:

April 16th, 2020

If you ask Bret Edge, the Sidewinder trail has got flow in spades. Ride with Bret as he enjoys "the fastest, funnest trail at Bar M."

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Slithering Down Sidewinder

Slithering Down Sidewinder - Moab's Bar M Trail Network

It ain't easy to find flow in Moab but Sidewinder's got it in spades. Sure, there's some tech sprinkled in here and there, but it wouldn't be a Moab trail without it. It's the fastest, funnest trail at Bar M and falls in my top five favorite trails in Moab. The fastest riders run it top to bottom in just over 4 minutes. I am not one of the fastest riders!

Combine Sidewinder with other Bar M trails to create a sweet loop. I like to ride the full Deadman's trail and then hit Rusty Spur (much more fun than it's green rating would have you believe) and then on to Sidewinder.

Bret Edge

I'm a mountain biker and professional photographer living in mecca - Moab, Utah. On this channel I'll share a variety of content primarily focused on mountain biking with a few overlanding and travel videos sprinkled in from time to time. My primary goal is to show off Moab's trails from the perspective of a regular guy with a full-time job and a family - not a pro rider hitting only the fastest, gnarliest trails on the planet. I've been riding mountain bikes for thirty years, spinning pedals aboard a steel Mongoose on the rocky trails of Phoenix, Arizona back in 1990.

Striving to post content weekly but life also happens so be sure to subscribe or check back from time to time to ensure you don't miss anything. Thanks for visiting!

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