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Jaycee Campground:

The Jaycee Campground mountain bike shuttle service pickup is for those of you riding Mag-7 and exiting the infamous Portal Trail and or Poison Spider Mesa Trail. If you are mtb riding the Portal trail, leave your vehicle at the Jaycee Campground located on Potash Road / HWY 279. Park your vehicle here or along the road in designated parking areas.

Parking your car here it will alleviate riding an additional 7-9 miles (11-14 km) back to town and allows you to have easy immediate access to your vehicle which means food, water, shelter, and safety as soon as you're off the trail.

If you are riding the Mag-7, park your car here.

Please be ready to board the shuttle 15 minutes prior to departure.


Jaycee Campground Parking

From town head North on HWY 191. Make a left onto HWY 279 Potash Road. Drive four (4) miles to the Jaycee Park Campground on the right hand side of the road.


Located in the Colorado River canyon with shady walk-in tent sites near the popular Wall Street climbing area. Individual sites are available as a first-come first serve basis. Walk-in sites only (no trailers, RV's, or large vehicles).

The Portal hiking trailhead is located adjacent to the campground ascending to spectacular views of the Moab Valley, La Sal Mountains and beyond. Individual Sites. (Limited to ten people & two vehicles per site) Water: No. Toilets: Yes. Hook ups: No.

Trails We Shuttle:

We shuttle the following trail from this departure location.

Jaycee Park Campground

Jaycee Park Campground

Jaycee Park Campground Parking Lot

Jaycee Park Campground Parking Lot

Jaycee Park Parking

Jaycee Park Parking

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