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Porcupine Rim Parking Lot:

Hazard County Shuttle departs from the Porcupine Rim parking lot, located along the beautiful Colorado River adjacent to Grandstaff Campground.

This is the end of the Whole Enchilada trail system and the world famous Porcupine Rim mountain biking trail. Porcupine Rim is one of Moab's original trails which helped to make the Moab area a mountain biking mecca.

We service the Porcupine Rim trail, and the Whole Enchilada lower section from this parking area.

There is spotty cell service at best on the river road. Drive 4 miles up the river road and look for the large dirt parking lot on the river side of the road. The Porcupine Rim TH parking lot is located across the street from the Grandstaff Canyon asphalt parking lot and above the Grandstaff Campground parking lot. Ensure you park in the correct lot or we won't be able to find you.

Parking your car here will provide fast and easy access to your vehicle. Which means immediate food, water, and shelter once your ride is complete eliminating the 6 mile pedal back to Moab. If you rented a bike in town, this is a great option for you, ensuring that you return it to the bike shops on time, and avoid additional costly rental charges.

If you are riding the Porcupine Rim, or LPS, this is where we'll pick you up.

Please be ready to board the shuttle 15 minutes prior to departure.


From town head North on HWY 191 turn left at the Colorado River onto HWY 128. Drive 4 miles to the Porcupine Rim parking area located on the LEFT side of the road (river side) adjacent to the Grandstaff Campground. The parking area is a large dirt lot capable of accommodating over 30 vehicles. Do not depend on your mobile device to find this campground as cell reception is spotty at best on the river road.


Porcupine Rim is rated a Black Diamond in difficulty and e-bikes are not permitted. The trail begins with a 3 -mile technical climb ascending 900 feet to the Porcupine Rim overlook. Followed by an 11-mile, 2800-foot descent down to the Colorado River. There are breath taking views of Castle Valley and the Colorado River. The lower single track section is extremely technical with a few exposed sections that may require walking. When in Doubt Walk It Out.

Get a taste of the Whole Enchilada by riding the lower section which is comprised of LPS (lower porcupine single track) and the World famous Porcupine Rim trail. There is an option of starting the ride a little higher with a short pedal to access UPS ( upper porcupine single track). This would allow you to ride three (3) of the seven trails without committing to the entire Whole Enchilada trail system.

Trails We Shuttle:

We shuttle the following trails from this departure location.

Porcupine Rim TH Parking Lot

Porcupine Rim TH Parking Lot

Porcupine Rim TH Parking Lot

Porcupine Rim TH Parking Lot

Porcupine Rim TH Parking Lot

Porcupine Rim TH Parking Lot

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The Whole Enchilada
Porcupine Rim

The Whole Enchilada $30.00

Lower Section

13 miles / 300' elevation gain / 7,284' high / 3,985' low / -4.8% avg. grade / -33% max grade
◈ ADVANCED – Technical Features and Physically Challenging

* Departing From: Porcupine Rim Parking Lot, and Rim Cyclery