Ride the Falcon Flow Trail

Raptor Route, Moab, Utah

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Ride the Falcon Flow Trail:

May 1st, 2021

James from RideLabs enjoys some intermediate level action riding the Falcon Flow with friends. Falcon Flow is part of the popular Raptor Route.

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Ride the Falcon Flow Trail

Falcon Flow Trail | Moab Utah Mountain Biking

Moab Utah mountain biking on Falcon Flow Trail. Falcon flow is a very fun Intermediate (blue) trail with some awesome beginner to intermediate technical riding. Nothing too serious is required or if it's too hard for a beginner it's easy to walk. For more intermediate and advanced riders there is so much fun to be had with optional chunky technical areas. This trail has the kind of flow that allows you to take the chunk as fast as you want so that you can push yourself while your more intermediate friends are having a blast going at their own pace.

This trail will leave you with a great idea of what Moab is all about after you fly through the rollers, slide on the slick rock, drop off the rock drops and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.


Hi, I'm Eric and I love Mountain Biking and I'm trying to get you hooked too.

As a California kid I grew up surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Now that I've been mountain biking for 15+ years that is pretty much all I want to do. Technically I'm pretty old (46) but mountain biking keeps me feeling young.

I'm married to my sweetheart and we are blessed with 8 awesome children. If I can find time to ride, I bet you can too.

I hope that you'll subscribe and join me on my rides. I believe that you are never too old to have fun and ride fast.

Let's get out and ride.

Location: Utah (and surrounding states)

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Hazard County Shuttle is the only shuttle company in Moab that offers mountain bike trailhead departures for Mag-7, Porcupine Rim, Raptor Route, and the Whole Enchilada Lower Section.

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