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aka Magnificent 7

The Magnificent 7 or Mag-7 trail system should be on every rider's bucket list. It is a fantastic network of trails, linking the upper and lower portions of Gemini Bridges Road. The trail can be ridden in a number of different ways, but best when shuttled to and ridden as a 26-mile point-to-point. There are many options to choose from when it comes to connecting trails. The trails that can be linked up in the Mag-7 area are Gemini Bridges, Bull Run, Arth's Corner, Great Escape, Little Canyon, Gold Bar, Golden Spike, and The Poison Spider Trail, with an option to finish down the infamous Moab Portal Trail. If you prefer to keep the ride on a more intermediate level, you can exit out of Gemini Bridges Road.

Exit Locations:

There are three (3) main exit locations on the Mag-7 trail. Hazard County Shuttle provides you with the ability to exit the trail at any one of these locations without having to ride back into town.

  1. Portal Trail
  2. Poison Spider Mesa Trail
  3. Gemini Bridges Road

The Portal Trail is a seriously advanced singletrack and is suggested for highly advanced and expert riders. It has extremely exposed sections, combined with super technical moves. People have died on this trail! So be ALERT! If you are riding the Portal trail, park your car at the Jaycee Campground located on Potash Road / HWY 279.

Poison Spider Mesa Trail:

This option allows you to ride the famous Gold Bar Rim trail and bypass the Portal trail. You will ride finish at the Poison Spider Trailhead parking lot, located on Potash Road / HWY 279.

There is a short hike to dinosaur footprints at the East end of the parking lot adjacent to the bathrooms. Once you hit the asphalt on HWY 279, make a left and head East towards the Jaycee Park Campground. It is a short pedal to the campground but be sure to stop along the road to view the petroglyph panels and numerous rock climbing routes. This stretch of the highway is known as Wall Street.

Riding Mag-7 is a long enough ride in itself! No one wants to pedal back to town in a headwind. Save the additional 8-11 mile pedal by parking your vehicle at the Jaycee Campground

BAR-M / Moab Brands:

This is a great option to keep the ride at an intermediate level. Exiting Gemini Bridges allows you to skip Goldbar Rim, Portal, and Poison Spider.

Exit Gemini Bridges road and proceed on the paved bike path to the tunnel under HWY 191. If your legs are still fresh, log some additional miles on the Moab Brands/Bar- M single tracks. The area is quite user-friendly and has trail maps located at each trail.


Leave your vehicle at the Moab Brands / Bar-M trail parking lot if you are exiting Gemini Bridges Road.

Park your vehicle at the Jaycee Park Campground if you are exiting the Portal Trail or Poison Spider Mesa Trail.

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Accommodates 14 Riders! Tell A Friend